Travelling Squares 
Mainstream Square Dance Club.
About Us
The Travelling Squares Dance Club was preparing to celebrate our 60 th anniversary in April 2020. Unfortunately due to CoVid restrictions this was cancelled.  We expect to have a modified celebration in the 2021 dance season.  Our membership consists of people from all walks of life,Some of us share similar careers, have children and grandchildren.Several have the same hobby interests: quilters, musicians, gardeners,boaters, RVers, old car enthusiasts, reading, knitting, stained glass,painting, cards, walking. Square Dancing is a social activity, There is no competition. We dance strictly for fun and easy exercise and to spend more time with our friends. Square dancing is highly recommended by medical professionals and medical research institutions as a mind and memory stimulating activity. It is a non impact fun and easy form of exercise. If you can walk you can square dance. If you like people you would enjoy square dancing. If you like all forms of music including big band, swing, country, jazz, classical and pop, then you would enjoy square dancing. Despite our name we do not travel more than other square dance clubs. Our names stems from the roots of the club. Most of the original members,almost 60 years ago, were Commercial Travellers,leading them to choose the nameTravelling Squares . We do some mid island trips to visit and steal banners but the majority of our dancing is done at Wellington Hall.